Manicure mishaps – last minute beauty saves

If you are big into your manicures and love styling your nails, then you’ll know all too well that sickening feeling when you get a smudge or a chip. And it is especially a nightmare if you’re just about to head out somewhere special!

Don’t worry though; although manicure mishaps are unfortunately all too common, some clever cats along the way have sussed out how to fix them. So if you’ve ever managed to mess up your manicure and think the only solution is to remove the lot, think again. Here are some top manicure saving tips!

Smudged polish

Whew, you’ve just finished painting the final top coat to your manicure only to discover you’ve managed to smudge one of your nails along the way – nightmare! Particularly if you haven’t got time to redo the entire nail again you might be reaching for the nail polish remover to scrub all of your nails clean. Forget that though, this is easily fixed. Lick the tip of your index finger and gently smooth the polish out towards the edge of your nail. It will get rid of the wrinkles and join up the smudge for an even fix. Follow up with one more layer of top coat to seal it.

Chipped nails

If you haven’t had time to repaint your polish or don’t have the matching shade to touch up the tips (which is the case with salon nails!), your nails can end up looking a bit shabby. This is really easily fixed though simply by using a glitter top coat. This will effectively cover the chips and leave your nails beautiful and glittering. So basically always own a glitter top coat in your nail polish collection!

Messy cuticles

Salon manicures will always leave your cuticles looking immaculate, but when you’re in a rush and painting your nails yourself it can be really difficult to avoid getting nail polish on your cuticles. Instead of spending ages with a cotton bud and remover painstakingly removing it, don’t let it become an issue in the first place. All you have to do is smear some basic Vaseline on the cuticles avoiding the nail (the polish won’t adhere if you’re nails are oily) – slap on the polish and when it’s dry, you should find the polish on your skin will just wipe away. We love this simple and quick timesaving tip!

A hang-nail

So you’ve got your beautiful manicure all ready to go and you’ve managed to snag the very tip of a nail. The easiest way to deal with a slight tear is to file it down. Yes we know it’s heart-breaking but if you just leave it, it’s going to just get worse, and anyway, most people won’t even notice. To avoid the nail chipping due to the newly exposed edge, paint on a topcoat and tip it along that edge too to ensure it lasts just as long as the others.

So don’t let nail mishaps spoil your day – with these quick fix solutions, you can solve anything!

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