Razzle dazzle – stunning makeup trends

If you can’t go a bit glitz and glam at this time of the year, then when can you?! With parties aplenty it is a wonderful season to be just a little bit over-the-top and ostentatious when it comes to your makeup – it’s all part of the festive fun!

We love the chance it gives us to play around a little more with our makeup and crack out those glittering, shimmering and drop-dead gorgeous products that we often have to leave at the bottom of our makeup bags. With December rapidly approaching, it’s time to have a go at these fun beauty looks that are going to look fantastic under the mistletoe this year!

Snow queen

Regal, icy cool and of course completely gorgeous, what’s not to love about this look?! Ever since Disney’s Frozen was released we’ve all been singing the hit songs as soon as Jack Frost arrives, so why not use it as your inspiration. Think frosty frozen beauty; diamond glittering eye shadow, silver tipped lashes, nude lips, and a slight shimmering blue hue to your skin. On the last one don’t think we’re crazy – you’ll just have to trust us that a touch of icy blue shimmer on your cheek bones can really look amazing.

Posh totty

This kind of look is perfect if you’re going to be rushing from work to a party on multiple occasions this December. Subtle enough for the day, with a dash of vibrant lippie, it’s going to be perfect for the evenings too. To achieve this look, use liquid eyeliner to draw the 60s eye flick which is big this season, and comb your lashes so they stand out. Add in well-defined yet natural looking brows, flawless skin and a rich lippie for a stunning look any royal would be proud of! The key word to this look is ‘coiffed’ so make it look perfect.

Did someone say glitter?

We are big fans of the glittery stuff and what could be more suitable makeup-wise for this time of the year? Eye shadow is of course the easiest way to have a bit of a blow-out when it comes to glitter and it is worth investing in a few higher end shades since they will be more highly pigmented and will last longer. We love a bit of shimmering bronzer too – just remember to not overdo it since you don’t want to end up looking like an extra in TOWIE! And finally, a shimmering gloss is just the thing to complete the look. Quick to do, and party perfect, this is an ideal beauty look for when you’re in a hurry.

Have fun experimenting with your makeup this season – think fun, festive and ready to party!


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